I went to Israel Temple last Friday; it was an awesome experience. I am a Muslim person and I have never gone to any other Temple places. As you know, we do not have any other religion in my country Saudi Arabia. So I did not have the chance to go and explore other religion and see what other religion do. How they pray? It was my first time to go to a Judaism temple and I really like the idea of go and see other religion. When I got to the Israel temple there was an old woman who welcome us and told me where should I go, she was so nice. I entered that room where a lot of people were sitting as a circle and there were man and woman who are sitting in the middle. I sat down and look at the people and notice that everybody is holding a book. I though that they were giving them before entering the room, but one lady saw and told me that the book is under the seat so I took it and start following that man. I really loved that lady with that amazing voice and the piano too. The man in the middle told the people to start shake and welcome the guests since there were a lot of guests from UNO and other school and I was so happy when the people come to me and start shaking and welcoming us and say nice words for us, it was a great experience. When they finished and people start to leave, I went to the lobby and met a lot of new people who were thanking us for coming. We had coffee, fruits, and the best thing was the Hommes. I talked with a guy from Boston and he asked where am I from so I told him from Saudi Arabia, he started to say some Arabic words, he surprised me. I asked him how did you know that, he told me that he was in the military and lived in Saudi Arabia for a month to train Saudi army and I had a beautiful conversation with him. That is what can say about that trip, It was an amazing experience and I am so excited to go to other religion temples. Thank you for giving us the chance to visit places like this.

– Muslim, UNO Student