So you’re getting married! Mazel Tov! With all the planning you have to do, here are some answers to your questions about weddings at Temple.

Who May Marry at Temple Israel?
Temple Israel clergy are happy to perform Interfaith weddings provided they meet the clergy’s criteria (please call and discuss this with the clergy). Either the bride or groom must be a member in good standing of the congregation, or a child (children) of members in good standing, in order to be married in our sanctuary or chapel, or by our clergy at another location. Our clergy are happy to perform same-sex unions as long as they meet the above requirements.

Who May Perform the Ceremony?
The Rabbi(s) and/or the Cantor are pleased to officiate at the wedding of congregants or children of congregants. You must make an appointment with the clergy in advance of selecting the date for the wedding. If you wish more than one of the clergy, you will need to contact each person individually. It is also important that you meet well in advance of the ceremony to discuss the service and any special requests for the ritual or music content that you may have. Some couples desire that another Rabbi or Cantor participate in the ceremony with our Rabbi(s) and Cantor. Our clergy will co-officiate with another clergy if it is discussed in advance, preferably when setting the date. The sanctuary may be used by a clergy other than our clergy only at the discretion of our Senior Rabbi.

No fee is charged by our clergy for officiating at the wedding of Temple members or their children. A contribution to their Discretionary Funds or another Temple fund is always an appropriate way to express your appreciation.

Setting the Date
Before selecting your date and making any arrangements for the celebration after the ceremony, please call the Rabbi(s) and/or Cantor to confirm the date and time for the ceremony; you must also check with the office for building availability. Weddings may be held on Saturday evenings, after Shabbat. It is important to confirm with the clergy the earliest time that the ceremony can begin.

Renting the Sanctuary, Chapel and Social Hall
Rental arrangements for the Sanctuary or Chapel and Social Halls must be made through the office as soon as you have confirmed your date with the Rabbi(s) and the Cantor. There is a no rental fee for the Sanctuary or Chapel, which includes the use of the chuppah. A current fee schedule can be requested through the office. All accounts must be current at the time of rental. Caterers must be pre-approved by the Temple and, if they have not catered in the building before, must meet with the Executive Director
Dennis DePorte in advance of the event. Wedding rentals include the use of the Bride’s room, a room for the groom to change and a room for the Ketubah signing.

Contemporary Issues in Marriage
Overview: Liturgy, Ritual, & Custom