March 11-17 Donations


Cantor Shermet Discretionary Fund

Jerry Kaiman in Memory of Ferderick Bromley and in Honor of Sherry Kaiman’s Recovery

Endowment Fund

Jean Egermayer, Fran L. Katelman, Dr. and Mrs. Ed Langdon and Ann Moskovits in Memory of Sally Malashock

Joanie and Marty Lehr Presidential Discretionary Fund

Naomi and Neil Arnold, Tammy and Carl Birnberg and Carol and Steve Bloch in Honor of Joanie Lehr’s Birthday

Lesly and Issy Ozar in Memory of Helen Stern

Music Fund

Linda and Steve Redler in Memory of Vera Bernstein

Rabbi Azriel Fund for Jewish Professionals

Carmen and Toma Ovici in Memory of Ferderick Cassman

Rabbi Azriel Youth Engagement Fund

Harriet Singer in Memory of Sarah Taub



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