November 5-11 Donations


Brad Sperling Memorial Fund for Education of Young Children

Patty and Steve Nogg in Memory of Sherman Sperling

Cantor Shermet Discretionary Fund

Maxine and Joe Kirshenbaum in Memory of Ann Kiaman

Lisa Lewis in Memory of Denny Lewis

Endowment Fund

The Gilbert Family in Appreciation of Joan and Justin Cooper and Family, Danielle Howell, Lois Milder, Miles Remer, Sheila Tomps and Judy Zweiback

Dan and Sarah Gilbert in Memory of Eileen Remer

Janis L. Yale Enrichment Fund

Molline and Fritz Cassman in Memory of Arthur N. Rubin

Rabbi Azriel Fund for Jewish Professionals

Sally and Ed Malashock in Memory of Gerald Gross

Sol and Jeanette Krizelman Social Justice Fund

Sheldon Krizelman in Memory of Jeanette Krizelman


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